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Questions and Answers
  1. What are the organizations in U.S.A?
  2. What is high school in American like?
  3. What are American Host Family like?
  4. Who will be the volunteer host family?
  5. If there are any problems, who can I contact?
  6. How much pocket money should I bring?
  7. Do I get a certificate after the program?
  8. What is the Education System in USA. like?
  9. How do I apply to the program?
  10. How are Thai Students are chosen?

1. Who are your partner organizations in U.S.A?

          IES is the representative of PIE (Pacific Intercultural Exchange)

          PIE is a members of CSIET (The Council on Standard for International Educational Travel) non-profit organizations registered under the U.S. government.

          International Education Services (IES) is a nonprofit student exchange organization. IES takes great pride in having an excellent staff with many years of experience in education and cultural exchange. All of IES's staff, including the management, works not only in our offices, but actually gives full education services as well.

          With supporting U.S. nonprofit organizations, placements and supervision of students are greatly enhanced by the presence of a managerial team that conducts or suspense each major test or interview every year.

          IES offers the following programs
          1) High School Exchange Program
          2) Community College Exchange Program
          3) Overseas Education Consulting

2. What is high school like in American?

          Life at Public High School with IES Student Exchange : The American approach to high school education is unique. Most schools combine a wide range of academic subjects with social activities and sports. Schools also emphasize active learning with many lessons and class discussions. All exchange students are required to take U.S. history and English both semesters. Take advantage of this fantastic change to study. Your local representative can explain your options and help you choose your subjects.

          School sport games are often a big public party, where teachers, parents and students root for the team. The games are a show in themselves with entertainment and naturally the famous "Cheerleaders". Typical sports at many schools include : Football, Basketball, Swimming, Track and Field, Baseball, Aerobics, Tennis, Hockey and Wrestling

3. What is an American Host Family?

          Thai students will live with a volunteer host family. They are warm giving people who are interested in learning about your culture and want to share their own traditions with their new international "BRING THE WORLD TO YOUR HOME" program.

          You and your host family can have a wonderful relationship through lively discussions. You will be treated as part of the family-not a guest. When you leave, our hope for you is that you will all feel that you have a "second family" and will probably keep in contact for the rest of your life. Many of our students and host families visit cach other through out the years

4. Who will be the volunteer host family?

          Our non-profit organizations guarantee your placement with a carefully selected host family. An organization staff member interviews the entire family in their home. The family completes a detailed application, and references are checked and verified.

          The staff of the U.S. organizations carefully reads through your application and considers your interests. Then your application is sent to international coordinators who have the best possibilities for meeting your wishes. They show your application to suitable host families, and ultimately your family chooses you.

5. If there are any problems, who can I contact?

          Our non-profit organizations have a network of Area Representatives throughout the country. These area reps are a very important part of the program. The local international coordinator, lives near you and your host family. Also you can rely on a support system which has a 24 Hour Toll Free Service. In each region there is an administrator who has many years of experience working with international students. We have an extentive network so that you and your parents can obtain all the support and information you wish before, during and after your High School year.

6. How much will I need for my pocket money?

          You should estimate needing at least $150 per month, which can cover lunch at school, excursions, etc.

7. Do I get a certicicate after the program is completed?

          Yes, students will get a certificate once successfully completing the program from IES.

8. What is the Education System in USA. like?

          Education in the United States is usually for grade 9-12. You become a sophmore (10th grade) "Junior" (11th grade) or "senoir" (12th grade). The school has requirements and you are expected to study hard like your American friends.

9. How can do I apply to this form?

          Just complete the application form (on-line application), we will contact you for the test. Students can apply throughout the year. If you need more details, please contact or visit us at:

International Education Services Co., Ltd.
444 Olympia Thai Tower, 21 st Floor,
Ratchada Phisek Road, Huaykwang, Bangkok, 10320
Tel : 0-2512-6022-24
Fax: 0-2513-0674

10. How are Thai Students chosen?

          All students are carefully selected and sreened. You must have a favorable recommendation from teachers in your present school. Each student is personally interviewed by IES Director.

Further Education

          IES can advise the students who would like to continue studying after the program. For more details Please Contact us

" We are glad to give you more support and advise"

International Education Services
Tel : 0-2512-6022-4
E-mail: info@ies-education.com
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